THE CHARM SCHOOL 2024 COMPETITON SERIES IS HERE!!!!!! Charm school is specifically for Generation Alpha teams born between 2021 -2024!!!!!!! Your team can only be zero to three years of age to participate in this highly structured and anticipated event!!

Charm School is the sister competition series to Buck or Die National Majorette competition and the purpose of charm school is to put the new teams on the map!! Charm School will take place in four cities around the country and each team that wins that state's charm school will automatically move on to Charm School Nationals And receive an automatic bid to Rookies vs Vets 2025 competition!!

Awards in each city are: 1st-3rd place tower trophies, 1st-3rd place banners, $1000 Grand Champion Prize, 1- hour long Coaching session for team coaches with Majorette University owner Coach D and A slot on the Charm School leadership chalkboard!!There are thousands of new teams out there that are looking for structured well ran competitions to help elevate your brand to the next level and to ensure that your team is receiving quality critiques and have a quality experience...

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